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Alabama Roy Moore Dec.12, 2017

This candidate has been voted out.

Arizona Joe Arpaio August 28, 2018

Takes Donald Trump's position on global warming: it's a hoax perpetrated by the Chinese.

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Arizona Kelli Ward Aug 28, 2018

She is a member of the Tea Party, who refer to Global Warming as "Global Bullshit".

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California Dana Rohrabacher June 5, 2018

"Putin's favorite congressman." Climate Denier in every sense of the word.

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Florida Rick Scott Aug. 28, 2018

Has banned even the use of the term “climate change” in Florida.

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Maine Ann LePage Nov. 7, 2018

Tea Partier, Wife of Paul LePage, called "America's Worst Governor."

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Missis sippi Chris McDaniel June 5, 2018

Right wing talk show host. Tea Partier. Supports Donald Trump's agenda, including withdrawal from Paris climate accord.

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Missouri Josh Hawley Aug. 7, 2018

Climate denier. Thinks its OK to gut the Clean Power Plan.

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Montana Matt Rosendale June 5, 2018

“No” on regulations reducing the effects of climate change. “No” to alternative energy.

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Nevada Danny Tarkanian Feb 22 and June 14, 2018

Endorsed by Sara Palin. Says, "The science of climate change is fraudulent."

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New York Michael Grimm June 26, 2018

Represented Staten Island. Flipped on climate change.

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Ohio Josh Mandel May 8, 2018

Denies climate change categorically.This candidate has withdrawn in order to retain his post as Treasurer.

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Pennsylvania Scott Wagner May 15, 2018

“We’re moving closer to the sun” (Uh, nope.) He is currently the Republican Challenger to Gov. Tom Wolf.

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Tennessee Marsha Blackburn August 2, 2018

Denies that science agrees on climate change. In other words, a climate denier.

More Info Marsha Blackburn

Virginia Corey Stewart June 11 and 12, 2018

Believes climage change is a hoax. He will pull Virginia from the multi-state climate agreement.

More Info Corey Stuart

West Virginia Don Blankenship May 7, 2018

Mine-disaster-type coal baron. Denies that global warming exists. This candidate has been voted out.

More Info Don Blankenship

West Virginia Patrick Morrisey August 7, 2018

A lobbyist. Sued Obama over “war on coal." Climate denier.

More Info Patrick Morrisey

Wisconsin Kevin Nicholson Feb 20, 2018

Democrat turned Republican. Tea Partier. Endorsed by Breitbart. Running against Tammy Baldwin for Senator. Bad news.

More Info Kevin Nicholson

Wyoming Erik Prince August 21, 2018

Mercenary. Under investigation for money laundering. Espouses his sister's (Betsy DeVos's) climate denial positions.

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Bottom Line:

Boot out the guy that denies climate change. And vote for the guy that is committed to passing measures to combat and counterract climate change. That's it.

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