The Situation

   If you are here, you know that global warming is a serious problem.
   You know the root cause of that problem is the burning of massive amounts of hydrocarbons, which releases massive amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere, which in turn causes a blanket-like effect that heats up the planet.
   So why is the U.S. government doing absolutely nothing to solve this existential problem that the military ranks as the no. 2 threat to the survival of the United States (just behind thermonuclear war)?
   It turns out that there are 3 big groups working together to shut down any move that the government might make to deal with global warming.
   Group1, the Oil Companies, dole out the money. Group 2, the Climate Deniers, are in charge of disseminating their propaganda.
   What about Group 3? That would be the 141 Senators and Congressmen who take the big money from the Oil Companies and then block all attempts to make laws or policy that would deal with global warming.
  These are pay-for-play politicians. They are taking the money and doing exactly what they are being paid to do: refusing to deal with global warming. These “public servants” are serving their paymasters, not the public.
  They are not working for us. So what can we do about that? We can unite. There are at least 50 million climate-aware people in the U.S. We ought to be able to vote out the miscreants in the next election, especially in the Senate.
  The climate-denying Senators need to go in 2020.
   Then we get some serious work done.

G. Benson
Let’s Fix That PAC

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