Climate Deniers' Coalition

So these congress men take
big donations
from the oil companies:

Do they now have to say
what the oil companies would like them to say?

(And vote the way the oil companies would like them to vote?)

It seems so.

These elected officials, in cahoots with the Climate Deniers' Coalition and the oil companies, have cooked up a mess of misinformation that essentially boils down to about 9 talking-points:

1) "Global warming is a hoax; it's a fraud; it's junk science." (12 deniers pitch this one.)

This is the preferred tactic of James Inhofe, Ted Cruz and the erstwhile Sarah Palin. In the words of Rolling Stone -- "You Idiots!"

2) "It's all Leftist scare tactics and propaganda."   (15 deniers use this turkey.)

Yes, the left talks about Global Warming: with an eye to fixing the damn problem.

3) "The data is skimpy and there is scant evidence; there's no real science to back it up."   (This is a favorite - 28 deniers.)

Wrong. There is an overwhelming amount of data and scientific evidence to back it up.

4) "It’s debatable; there are arguments on both sides."   (20 deniers.)

Right. Between the oil flacks and the real scientists.

5) "There is no consensus -- the science has not been settled."   Lots of deniers. (29)

Yes, it has; and there is consensus: Global Warming is happening -- no two ways about it.

6) "Climate change has been going on for a long time; we don't have to be extreme or alarmist about it"   (22 deniers.)

This is code for: "The oil companies would like us to do nothing about it."

7) "It’s not true; Global Warming is just not happening."   (25 clueless Congresspeople.)

The ostrich response.

8) "I’m not a scientist."   (6.)

No? Then shut the hell up and listen to the people who are scientists.

And then there's the BIG ONE

9) "There is no evidence that Global Warming is caused by humans."   (23 members with their heads screwed on backwards.)

This is actually the only important issue for the oil companies. Their bottom line depends upon us believing that humans burning fossil fuel is NOT the cause of global warming.

Should we let this denial and obfuscation(!) by our [elected] members of Congress continue?

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